Electronic jamming wifi interceptor GPS jammer

Remote control high-power wifi jammer is widely used in prisons, protection, surveillance and other fields. If you are looking for a powerful and effective office interference device, you can stop here. Just put the device in the shopping cart, if you use this interference in the office, you can easily block the cell phone signal in the office. Since you have locked the cell phone signal in the entire area, your employees will not have the right to disclose more information.

The first use of electronic jamming countermeasures can be traced back to World War II. Radar-controlled artillery shot down many Allied aircraft. These systems use radar signals to block and track air targets and direct air defense firepower. When conducting critical joint operations, resistance forces place RF interference near these weapons. Video footage from news movies shows how the shells spun suddenly and fired randomly due to interference. The barrel designers were too arrogant and did not consider the possibility of interference, so they never used a “manual override” switch.