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Matt & Nat – Vegan Backpacks – ‘The Chandra’

Matt and Nat – ‘The Brave’ and ‘The Chandra’

Retailing at £98 each on mattandnat.com 

Matt and Nat never use leather, and their Nylons are recycled. Their brand is ‘nature-friendly’, but looks just as sleek and stylish as any leather product; there is not an ounce of hippy in the designs of this eco brand. Unable to choose between two designs, I cheated a little here and gave Matt and Nat two entries. Brave and Chandra are both leather-look, vegan friendly bags, but their shape and sizes are very different. Brave is big and boxy, featuring front pockets – it can fit a 13” laptop. Chandra is neater and sleeker, smaller in volume, with smooth lines due to a lack of exterior pockets. Both have the same colour range: black, red, blue, yellow and grey.