The latest drone jammer

Jammer-mart has developed a high-altitude drone jammer that can prevent unmanned aerial attacks and reconnaissance. Compared with existing military application solutions, its competitive advantage is reasonable price, while UAV jamming guns are more suitable for civilian applications. The company’s development team includes electronic warfare (EW) engineers who have previously worked in the defense industry and developed drone jamming guns based on advanced military technology. However, innovative miniaturization technologies and products suitable for civilian products make it possible to significantly reduce prices.

Despite being similar to guns, Jammer did not actually shoot drones. The drone will not only fall to the ground. Instead, it should be fixed in an invisible fence caused by jammers.

As part of the security preparations for the World Economic Forum in Davos, Swiss police took a test in Davos this week to try to use anti-drone jammers that look like large machine guns. Every year, the gathering of world economic and political elites attracts more than 3,000 skiers.

H.P. General Manager Steffen Wicker said that in Davos, the police are testing to ensure that the equipment is ready and able to withdraw all drones that may perform secret missions. Marketing and consulting Wüst for making Consulting fish rifles.

Guy Ma Chame, senior partner of management consulting firm POC DHS, said: This challenge focuses on lightweight anti-jamming solutions. The high power jammer UAV jammer is the only one that weighs less than 150 grams and consumes less than 0.75 watts. solution.