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Reality doll that looks like a real person As the sex doll market continues to evolve, manufacturers are working hard to conduct research and development. Today, there are already sex dolls that can make a sound. Operators of TPE Dolls need to know how to clean their dolls after sex. In order to appreciate more of these impressive toys, it is not difficult to take care of your authentic toys. It is also normal to use dolls as adult products. They are more abnormal than people outside of them, and those who are moral but unrealistic are normal. Wash your hands and yourself. The skin's unique oils and dirt can make realistic toys feel sticky and look dirty. It's hard to clean dirty marks with realistic materials, so wash your hands before using toys to stay away from smearing. The chunks of silicone in a white bikini were hung on the hooks of the Dalian factory. In this city of Liaoning Province in northeast China, designers are deciding on the personal image of each model, makeup artists are using cosmetics, and these human portraits are lifelike and fashionable. The best of them got the star treatment and were sent to take photos and become their own center fold. They are then packaged and shipped to most male owners in China, Japan, the United States and elsewhere. Of course, if you have such a demand, the manufacturer can satisfy you. Other consumers want silicone dolls to be more like real people, that is, they can have body temperature, and manufacturers have solutions in this area, but if you want these additional features, then the price of these dolls is not cheap. Not for everyone. Most of these sex dolls are purchased by wealthy seniors. Because their partner is dead, they are very lonely. They need to be accompanied, and some can be customized according to the appearance of their wife. In their eyes, these dolls can replace their wives. Recently, according to foreign media reports, Japan's 61-year-old uncle fell in love with a beautiful sex doll, although his uncle is a married man and has two sons. But the uncle is crazy about falling in love with this sex doll, and is with the sex doll every day. You see, my uncle is debugging the water temperature and is ready to bathe the doll. Phil, a 61-year-old man, chose to spend a lifetime with Trin, a quiet sex doll. He often uses a wheelchair to push Trish to the bar to spend time. Phil said the doll was purchased for $2,600 (about RMB 17,000). Come back, it looks no different from real people. Now Phil's friends also like Trish very much. Every time they meet, they are looking forward to it. When the love dolls came back again, he was corrected and the two had officially cohabited. In June, South Korea made a good name for the doll: Eva Eva, although the appearance looks like a young girl, but the heart is like a pure new life. Children, for example, Eva and June South Korea, repelled brushing their teeth. In addition to hobbies, many collectors believe that dolls are their only companion, some have their own special hobbies, and some people feel sad because they disperse widows. For example, the man in the picture, Deerman, whose wife died of cancer, has never found true love since then, so he customized a doll companion based on the appearance of his ex-wife, and his daughter knows that this doll exists. The petite little girl has gained enough love in the world. We like to be a woman with some sexy curves, big booty, chest, we are willing to pay for it all.I hate that most sex tpe dolls sold today look like toothpicks, and I know that many people share the same feeling. As far as I am concerned, at least, I feel exactly the same for sex dolls. It seems that most men like slim girls, and when they look at sex dolls, they also choose this size. However, there are still many men who like a big and beautiful woman.


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