Created in 1994 by two like-minded individuals who met in a pub and discovered they had the same vision – to introduce urban Streetwear to the UK that rivalled the US market. With just four t-shirt prints and a logo, the dream soon became reality and Addict is now one of the UK’s longest running successful Streetwear brands.

With in-house designers and pattern cutters, this independently led company is growing rapidly and receives support from businesses all over the UK and worldwide.

Over the years, Addict has secured a number of high profile collaborations and has since introduced a number of new products to their range including watches, footwear, snowboard goggles, and snowboards, as well as their original functional skate clothing for men and women.

Music is a strong influence within the brand and Addict has sponsored artists including Faithless, British MC Rodney P, as well as a number of professional skaters and snowboarders.