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Amoursilk - Love Never Fails It all starts from a thought, an idea. "It matters a lot in what we sleep in. We should always wear the best fabrics on our skin" Sophia (co-founder) is passionate about helping you sleep under perfect conditions and finds inspiration for her brilliant idea in nature and her travels. ‘Silk’ an ancient word for a material been called throughout several millennium. From what ancient greek identified as “sērikós”, to “serice” been pronounced by Roman. Silk has always play the role of luxurious oriental fabric. We spend almost three years, visiting material suppliers, researching sericulture, and optimizing our garment technique with such delicate material. As a result, the product we made are more stamina and durable. Now Amoursilk Bedding Collection are fully prepared for the customers. Help our customer to enhance their daily lives by sensation provide only by the silk. To improve the quality of sleep for our product users and their families. We are ready to commit & dedicate to every customers. To provide product that qualified to pass on love and passion to everybody around the world. After all - ‘Love never fails.’

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